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How to manage consumables on AssetIT

AssetIT is a powerful asset management system that allows businesses to efficiently track and manage their inventory of consumable items. Whether you are dealing with office supplies, maintenance materials, or other consumables, proper management is essential to ensure smooth operations and cost-effectiveness. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of how to manage consumables on AssetIT effectively.

What are Consumables and Managing Consumables?

Definition of Consumables

Consumables encompass a range of goods that are intended to be used up or permanently altered during their lifespan. For instance, in manufacturing, consumables can include semiconductor wafers and basic chemicals that are essential for the production of end products.

Definition of Managing Consumables

Manage consumables refers to the process of overseeing and controlling the usage, replacement, and availability of goods that are regularly depleted or worn out. These items are integral components in various contexts, such as individual consumption and manufacturing processes.

Effective management of consumables involves monitoring their usage, tracking inventory levels, and ensuring timely replacements. This process is crucial for maintaining smooth operations, preventing disruptions, and optimizing resource allocation.

Why Choose AssetIT to Manage Consumables?

Considered as a leading provider of consumables management solutions, here are some reasons why you should manage consumables on AssetIT:

  • Expertise and Experience: AssetIT has extensive expertise and experience to manage consumables across various industries.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: AssetIT provides end-to-end services, including inventory tracking, replenishment management, forecasting, and reporting.
  • Technology-driven Approach: AssetIT leverages advanced technology to enhance consumables management. 
  • Cost Savings: AssetIT’s solutions help optimize inventory levels, reduce waste, and prevent overstocking or understocking. This ultimately leads to cost efficiencies and improved financial performance for your business.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Efficient consumables management service from AssetIT ensures a continuous supply of essential items, minimizing disruptions and downtime.

why choose AssetIT to manage consumables

How to Manage Consumables on AssetIT?

AssetIT, a user-friendly platform, offers a comprehensive solution for asset management, simplifying inventory tracking, reordering, and analysis. Let’s explore how it can be utilized to manage consumables and enhance overall efficiency.

First, Select Consumables menu item to start managing consumables. At this step, there will be a list of all the consumables from your organization. You can create new consumables (1), search (2), export (3), checkout (4), and edit (5) or delete (6) existing ones accordingly to your preference.


Create a New Consumable

  1. Click Create New and you will be navigated to the page Create New Consumable
  2. Fill in detailed information as per requested and click Save to finish creating the consumable.

Create Consumable

Update or delete a consumable

From the consumable list, you can click Edit or Delete on a consumable to update information or delete it (delete permanently if necessary).

Edit a consumable
Edit the information you need and click Save
delete a consumable
Delete or delete permanently a consumable

Checkout a consumable

The Checkout button is meant to assign a consumable to a person who will be in charge. This process establishes a clear linkage between the consumable and the chosen person. 

Click Checkout to be navigated to Checkout Consumable.

Checkout consumable

You can review the assigned person in User Info, or review the consumable assigning status in Consumable Details.

Consumable Details

To access the Consumable Details, simply select the name of the consumable from the list provided.

Consumable details


To manage consumables is to maintain smooth operations, reduce costs, and ensure timely availability of essential resources. By following these steps, you can effectively and effortlessly manage consumables in AssetIT to empower your organization.

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