Top 5 Asset Management Plugins for Jira You Must Know

5 Best jira asset management Apps You Must Know

If you’re looking for a Jira asset management plugin but getting stuck in a whole lot of Jira asset management tools, don’t worry. We are here to help you get the most out of the top 5 asset management plugins for Jira. 

As we are growing up in the millennium of technology, keeping track of your IT assets within Jira is definitely a tough challenge. Yet, as far as tech goes, we also have many powerful tools to help us resolve our problems. A plugin for Jira asset management is one of them. This article will help you list down five of the most popular options for Jira asset management tools. Eventually, you will know for yourself what would be the best choice, as per your needs.

Comparison Criteria for a Jira Asset Management Plugin:

  • App Overview: plugin deployment options, key features, and suitability for organizations/teams.
  • Advantages: Key benefits of using the listed Jira asset management plugin.
  • Disadvantages: Potential drawbacks to consider.
  • Pricing: Cost structure and licensing information.

1. AssetIT – Asset Management for Jira by DevSamurai

Try AssetIT – Asset Management for Jira by DevSamurai on Atlassian Marketplace


  • Deployment options: Cloud and Data Center versions are available.
  • Key Features: Seamlessly integrate with Jira, track hardware, software, and, consumable assets, manage and track software license usage, reporting system, automate Jira asset management onboarding, offboarding and resource allocation, support in Jira service management for categorizing and handling IT service requests.
  • Ideal for: Organizations of all sizes looking for a comprehensive asset management solution within Jira.


  • User-friendly interface with a focus on ease of use.
  • Data capture and data relevance are gained from customizable fields, reports, and dashboards.
  • When creating a Jira service desk request, customers can easily choose the relevant asset from AssetIT inventory.
  • Free usage for up to 10 users


  • As an asset management plugin for Jira, AssetIT’s functionality is closely tied to Jira’s user management system.
  • AssetIT provides a public API for migration, but it is still limited in terms of other apps that do not provide public API. Nonetheless, an update version of this limitation will be released soon.

Asset Management for Jira Pricing:

AssetIT - Asset Management for Jira Pricing

2. Assets and Inventory Plugin for Jira by Appfire

Try Assets and Inventory Plugin for Jira by Appfire on Atlassian Marketplace


  • Deployment: Cloud, Data Center
  • Key Features: Track and manage hardware and software assets in a centralized location, associate assets with incidents, changes, and projects for improved traceability, generate reports on asset usage and costs to identify optimization opportunities, mobile app available.
  • Ideal for: Teams that need a simple and affordable solution for basic asset tracking within Jira.


  • Easy to set up and use, with a straightforward interface for quick implementation.
  • Affordable pricing structure makes it accessible for teams with budget constraints.
  • Mobile app provides convenient asset management capabilities for remote or field-based personnel.
  • Free usage for up to 10 users.


  • Its functionality, like that of AssetIT, is closely related to Jira’s user management system as a Jira asset management plugin.
  • Limited ability to import massive inventory.


Assets and Inventory

3. ‘Assets’ in Jira Service Management Premium Package by Atlassian

Jira Service Management by Atlassian


  • Deployment: Cloud and Data Center (included with Jira Service Management Premium)
  • Key Features: Track and manage hardware and software assets directly within Jira Service Management, link assets to configuration items (CIs) for service mapping to visualize IT infrastructure dependencies, automate asset discovery and onboarding to reduce manual data entry, built-in reporting for asset insights and utilization trends.
  • Ideal for: Organizations already using Jira Service Management Premium that need a native asset management solution for a cohesive ITSM experience.


  • Seamless integration with Jira Service Management eliminates the need for context switching between different platforms.
  • Automated asset management features save time and effort.
  • Built-in reporting and analytics provide valuable insights into asset utilization and potential optimization opportunities.


  • Only available with Jira Service Management Premium.
  • Might be difficult to use for those who are not familiar with IT related terms.


As a feature of the Jira Service Management Premium package, here is the JSM pricing tier for your review:

'Assets' in Jira Service Management Premium Package

4. Snipe-IT for Jira – Asset Management, IT Assets, ITSM by Codefortynine

Try Snipe-IT for Jira by Codefortynine on Atlassian Marketplace


  • Deployment: Cloud
  • Key Features: Integrate the comprehensive asset management functionalities of Snipe-IT directly into your Jira workflows, track a wide range of assets including hardware, software, licenses, and consumables, manage asset lifecycles, workflows, and checkouts for improved asset control, generate detailed asset reports for better decision-making.
  • Ideal for: Organizations needing a feature-rich asset management solution with the flexibility of cloud-based deployment or the security of self-hosted infrastructure.


  • Leverages the power and extensive features of Snipe-IT for comprehensive asset management within Jira.
  • Directly access and edit asset information within the Jira interface.
  • By bridging the gap between asset management and service desk functions, SnipeIT for Jira fosters smoother communication and faster issue resolution.
  • Free usage for up to 10 users.


  • Snipe-IT for Jira can’t sync more than 10,000 items
  • SnipeIT for Jira is focused on basic asset selection and information viewing within Jira.
  • Only offer the Cloud version.



5. Jamf for Jira – Asset Management, IT Assets, ITSM by Codefortynine

Try Jamf for Jira – Asset Management, IT Assets, ITSM by Codefortynine on Atlassian Marketplace.


  • Deployment: Cloud-based
  • Key Features: Integrate Jamf’s Apple device management functionalities with Jira for streamlined IT asset management of Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV devices. Track and manage Apple devices throughout their lifecycle within Jira workflows. Automate routine tasks like software distribution and configuration management. Gain insights into Apple device usage and health for better decision-making.
  • Ideal for: Organizations with a significant Apple device presence that use Jamf for management and want to integrate asset management into their Jira workflows.


  • Streamlines asset management for Apple devices within existing Jira processes.
  • Automates routine tasks associated with Apple device management, saving time and effort.
  • Provides valuable insights into Apple device usage and health for informed decision-making.


  • Limited to Apple device management.
  • Like any other asset management plugin for Jira, Jamf relies heavily to Jira’s user management system.

Jira Asset Management Plugin Pricing:


Choosing the Right Asset Management Plugin for Jira

The best Jira asset management plugin for your organization depends on your specific needs and priorities. Consider the following factors when making your decision:

  • The types of assets you need to track: Do you need a solution for hardware, software, licenses, consumables, or a combination?
  • Your budget: Pricing structures and features vary between plugins.
  • Deployment flexibility: Cloud-based or self-hosted deployment options may be important depending on your security and infrastructure preferences.
  • Desired level of automation: How much automation do you need to streamline asset management tasks?
  • Integration with existing ITSM tools: Does the plugin for asset management in Jira integrate seamlessly with your current Jira setup and any other ITSM tools you use?

By carefully evaluating these factors and comparing the strengths and weaknesses of each plugin, you can choose the best solution to optimize your Jira asset management plugin and streamline your IT operations.

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