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Our client is one of the middle-size public schools in Japan. They manage a vast number of assets across various departments: IT labs, classrooms, and libraries. Manually tracking them using spreadsheets or legacy systems is cumbersome and error-prone.

Consequently, the manual process of checking out and returning equipment is slow and creates bottlenecks, especially for staff and students in a hurry. They also lack real-time data on how resources are being used. This leads to the difficulty of identifying underutilized equipment or preventing potential misuse or loss.



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Our client addressed these challenges by using AssetIT asset tracking abilities.

Resource Tracking

AssetIT categorizes school resources into five groups to improve accessibility. This structured approach enables school administrators to efficiently oversee and utilize their assets. As a consequence, technical equipment could be in the Assets and Components groups, Furnitures can be in the Accessories group, education programs or e-books can be in the Software Licenses group, and school supplies can be in the Consumables group.

Resource Tracking for Schools
Threshold set up for expiration notification for Schools

License Extension Scheduling

AssetIT memorizes the license extension schedule for educational programs and sends alerts to the appropriate staff. This proactive approach helps reduce asset breakdowns and extends the lifespan of valuable intangible assets.

Asset Utilization Reporting

Administrators can use AssetIT to generate reports on asset usage. These summaries can cover a variety of aspects such as resources assigned, booking history, activity logs, etc.

Admin can gain insight into asset usage by People management for Schools
manage by campuses for schools

Manage Data Across Schools’ Campuses

AssetIT automates the tracking of all assets across the school’s campus. It provides real-time inventory levels. As a result, schools admins can be able to reduce the chances of procurement errors. Therefore, the school can optimize their asset investments based on actual needs.

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