QR Code and Asset Scan

Scan QR to find asset you need

Quickly find assets you need by using QR scan device.

Asset Management QR Code
Asset Management QR Code

QR Code is generated automatically

QR is automatically created; and saved on the cloud.
Quickly access your assets without type or searching.

Generate QR codes for multiple assets

Quickly bulk-generate QR codes for multiple assets.

Asset Management QR Code


AssetIT reduces the cost of purchasing and managing our assets. It simplifies asset management processes with prescriptive workflow.

AssetIT matches our needs, it is straightforward easy to use but still opens rooms for customization. Well done guys, look forward to more values you are adding into it.

AssetIT features are very useful with our issues types to keep track of supplies. I can see licenses as well being used by our company too. Absolutely love AssetIT. Its been very valuable so far.

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