What’s New in AssetIT version 1.4.3 for Cloud? | New Features, Improvements and Bug Fixes

AssetIT version 1.4.3 - AC

We’re excited to unveil the latest update to our platform, AssetIT version 1.4.3 for Cloud. This release introduces several key features and enhancements that are designed to streamline your asset management process, making it more efficient and user-friendly than ever before. 

What’s New in AssetIT Version 1.4.3 for Cloud?

Our team has worked diligently to incorporate your feedback and the latest technology trends to ensure AssetIT remains at the forefront of Jira asset management solutions. The following are some enhancements in this release:

Dutch Language Support

With the introduction of Dutch language support, AssetIT becomes more accessible to our Dutch-speaking users. If your Jira interface is set to Dutch, AssetIT will automatically adapt, providing you with a fully localized experience.

Dutch Language Support

Data Field Visibility Control in AssetIT version 1.4.3

This update gives you the ability to show or hide custom fields when viewing asset details. Tailor your view to your needs, focusing on the details that matter most to you.

Custom Field Visibility

People” Page Access Permissions

In our ongoing effort to enhance security for AssetIT version 1.4.3, we’ve introduced the ability to set permissions for accessing the “People” page. This feature ensures that sensitive information is safeguarded and accessible only to authorized personnel.

Access Permission for the _People_ Tab

Inventory-Based Reporting

The Report Builder has been enhanced to support inventory condition-based reporting. Users can now generate reports that include or exclude specific inventory data, enabling more precise and relevant data analysis.

Inventory-Based Report Building

Improvements and Bug Fixes in AssetIT version 1.4.3

Along with the new features, we have also made lots of upgrades, including:

Enhanced User Filtering and Searching on the “People” Page

In response to user feedback, we’ve implemented advanced data filters, allowing for effortless navigation and management of user information. This enhancement in AssetIT version 1.4.3 enables quick sorting of users into categories such as ‘Atlassian Users‘, ‘Customers‘, or ‘All Users’ on the “People” page.

Enhanced User Filtering in People Page
Filter users for ‘All Users’, ‘Atlassian Users’ or ‘Customers’

Additionally, you can now search users by name or ID. This feature is particularly useful in environments where user management is complex and time-sensitive. By enabling a swift and accurate search mechanism, AssetIT empowers users to perform their tasks with enhanced speed, thereby improving overall productivity and user satisfaction.

Search users by name or ID offers in AssetIT version 1.4.3
Search users by name or ID

Custom Field Restructuring

The list of field types has been reorganized to feature ‘User Picker‘ and ‘Date Picker‘ as distinct, standalone options. The ‘User Picker‘ enables a direct search function for Jira users, and the ‘Date Picker‘ facilitates easy date selection. Formerly integrated into other fields, these critical options are now independently accessible. This upgrade helps streamline data entry and enhance the customization process with its clear, user-friendly interface.

New Custom Field Types in AssetIT version 1.4.3

Bug Fixes in AssetIT version 1.4.3

In addition to these new features and improvements, AssetIT version 1.4.3 includes fixes for various bugs, enhancing the stability and performance of AssetIT.

Last Words

As usual, your feedback has been instrumental in shaping this update. We are committed to continuously improving AssetIT to meet your asset management needs and exceed your expectations. We invite you to explore these new features and improvements and see how they can transform your asset management workflow.

Thank you for your ongoing support and for choosing AssetIT as your asset management solution for Jira. If you have any questions or recommendations about new features, please drop them here at our Service Desk. For more information, you can try AssetIT on Sandbox or install it for free at Atlassian Marketplace. We look forward to helping you streamline your asset management processes and achieve greater efficiencies.


The AssetIT Team

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