Highly effective ITAM for Jira notifications will ensure you are always informed with timely updates and personalized alerts. Through notification capabilities, AssetIT enhances asset visibility and control, contributing to better resource management and decision-making across the organization.
in-app notification about expiring license

Proactive Asset Maintenance of Jira Notifications

  • Allows for timely maintenance actions through asset management for Jira notifications.
  • Helps reduce downtime and operational disruptions.
  • Supports better planning for replacements and budgeting.

Optimized Inventory Management

  • Maintains the balance between surplus and shortage.
  • Allows for more efficient supply chain and inventory planning.
  • Prevents overstocking and understocking.
AssetIT notification for items reaching minimum quantities

Robust System of ITAM for Jira Notifications

  • Streamline your Jira asset management process and Jira asset tracking abilities.
  • Provide valuable insights into every activity within the system via the Notification Admin setting.
  • Enhance decision-making and resource allocation in the operation.
Number of Users
Monthly Pricing per User
Up to 10 (Flat free) Free
11-100 USD 2.00
101-250 USD 1.25
251-1000 USD 0.75
1000~2500 USD 0.50
2501~7500 USD 0.30
7501~10000 USD 0.20
10001~20000 USD 0.10
20001+ USD 0.05

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