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Our clients, mostly enterprise IT and HR managers, face the complexity of managing diverse IT assets. They particularly find it challenging to handle the vast array of software and hardware items using just spreadsheets or Excel. This can be overwhelming due to the sheer volume and variety of these assets.

Most significantly, IT and HR managers struggle to maintain current software licenses. As these assets often have expiration dates, they require careful monitoring and renewal.



IT and HR managers



Improve visibility and IT asset tracking



AssetIT asset grouping and notification system


As IT and HR managers, our clients can address these challenges by grouping IT assets properly with AssetIT, and using the notification system to stay up-to-date.

Asset Grouping

With a centralized platform, AssetIT allows admins to efficiently catalog and track an extensive range of software and hardware IT assets. Items will be divided into 5 main groups based on their functionalities.

Asset grouping in AssetIT for IT and HR managers
Detailed Data Recording and Sorting

Detailed Data Recording and Sorting

We can never know how many USB Cables an IT company will require because it varies depending on factors such as employee count, device type, and cable longevity.

AssetIT efficiently tracks and organizes device information using Asset Tags or Serial Numbers, and provides a sophisticated filter for managers to easily search as per their requirements.

Minimum Threshold Filter

To ensure administrators don’t miss any details and reduce the risk of outdated inventory counts, the system includes an advanced filter for identifying items reaching the minimum quantity.

License Expiration Alert for IT and HR managers

License Expiration Alert Setting

Software licenses and subscriptions need more care about their expiration and renewal dates to prevent significant costs and compliance issues. The best solution is to set up a highly effective notification system, including email and in-app alerts.

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