Jira Asset Management

AssetIT is Jira asset management plugin, for Jira Service Management (JSM), and other Jira versions. It eliminates the complexity of managing IT assets within Jira by offering a professional solution. This means it works seamlessly with how you already use Jira, boosting your team’s efficiency and giving you better control over your IT assets.

Jira Asset Management

Experience the smooth connection between AssetIT and Jira, making your Jira asset management journey more straightforward than ever.

First, with asset and configuration management, you can easily link assets to Jira issues. This leads to productivity enhancement.

Furthermore, when it comes to efficient asset assignment, Jira takes the lead by assigning assets directly to team members. This significantly cuts down on the administrative workload and increases overall efficiency.

The simple asset selection process allows you to quickly pinpoint the exact type of asset you need within Jira issues. This makes the whole process of managing assets simpler and provides a user-friendly experience for everyone using Jira.

Improved Productivity

The AssetIT dashboard enhances user experience by providing swift and comprehensive insights, woven into a coherent narrative:

Starting with real-time insights, you can monitor essential performance metrics closely. It offers immediate visibility into the state of IT assets. This feature sets the stage for informed decision-making by highlighting current data and trends.

Next, the dashboard enables a forward-thinking approach to asset management for Jira. Thus, it ensures users maintain a firm grip on their IT assets, seamlessly transitioning from monitoring to action.

Besides, the focus shifts to optimizing operational efficiency and productivity, which offers grounding decisions in data analysis. Therefore, every action is informed and targeted towards enhancing performance and outcomes.

AssetIT's dashboard - Jira asset management
Asset categories - jira asset management

Cutting-Edge Asset Classification

Asset Grouping Methodology

  • AssetIT enhances Jira asset management by categorizing assets using shared characteristics. This not only simplifies the management process but also brings a high level of organization to your assets.

By drastically reducing the time and labor needed for manual asset organization, this method offers a significant efficiency boost. It’s a transformative approach that makes asset management far more manageable and less time-consuming.

With the ability to easily locate and access specific types of assets without hassle, rapid retrieval is another key benefit. This feature ensures that you can quickly find exactly what you need, streamlining the overall workflow and saving valuable time.

On top of that, AssetIT makes auditing and reporting a breeze. It automatically categorizes your assets, keeping everything neatly organized. This saves you and your team significant time when it comes to running audits and generating reports.

24/7 Support Service

Peace of Mind with AssetIT’s 24/7 Support

Managing IT assets can be demanding, especially when issues arise. The AssetIT team understands this, and that’s why they provide 24/7 support. With them by your side, you can rest assured that help is always just a short call, email, or chat away, regardless of the time zone or day of the week.

In addition to its robust support, AssetIT has been awarded the prestigious Atlassian Marketplace Spotlight badge. This badge is a significant honor, given to only 30 out of thousands of apps on the marketplace. It signifies AssetIT’s excellence in innovation, customer satisfaction, and overall performance. Earning the Spotlight badge is a testament to the app’s quality and a source of pride for the AssetIT team.

AssetIT earned Atlassian Marketplace Spotlight badge
assetIT features

Jira Asset Management for Everyone

AssetIT streamlines the Jira ITSM experience for organizations of all sizes.

No matter what kind of assets you manage – hardware, software, accessories, or even consumables – AssetIT integrates seamlessly with Jira to provide a user-friendly platform.

From onboarding new assets to allocating resources and managing inventory, AssetIT keeps your team in control. Its diverse features ensure every aspect of your asset management process is efficient and organized.

Number of Users
Monthly Pricing per User
Up to 10 (Flat free) Free
11-100 USD 2.00
101-250 USD 1.25
251-1000 USD 0.75
1000~2500 USD 0.50
2501~7500 USD 0.30
7501~10000 USD 0.20
10001~20000 USD 0.10
20001+ USD 0.05

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