Custom Fields and Field Sets

Custom fields and field sets in AssetIT can be invaluable for the specific needs and processes of your organization.
Management of Custom Fields

Management of Custom Fields

Create, search, export, edit, or delete custom fields via the Settings section.

FieldSets Creation

Grouping related custom fields together in asset data entry and viewing simplifies the process:

  • Grouping relevant fields together
  • Maintaining a logical structure
  • Supporting the creation of complex data structures
FieldSets Creation
FieldSet Assignment

FieldSet Assignment

Assigning FieldSets at the Asset Model level

  • Allows for more detailed tracking of assets to enhance asset tracking and provides a comprehensive view of their attributes.
  • Ensures consistency in data capture to enable accurate reporting and analysis, leading to more reliable insights.
  • Enables better comparison to quickly identify similarities and differences, aiding in decision-making and resource allocation based on asset attributes and performance.

FieldSets Management

Create, search, export, edit, or delete FieldSets via the Settings section.

  • Ensures effective management
  • Supports varied data entry requirements
  • Enhances data reliability and accuracy.
FieldSets Management
Custom Field Usage across Assets

Custom Field Usage across Assets

Apply custom fields and Field Sets across different asset categories.

  • Enhances consistency in data capture
  • Supports standardized reporting and analysis.
  • Enables better comparison and benchmarking


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