Asset Inventory Management

A critical component of IT Asset Management that involves maintaining a complete and accurate inventory of all IT assets within a business.
AssetIT - inventory management for Jira

Management Across Entities

Designed to streamline organizational efficiency

  • Enhance operational efficiency with a unified asset view.
  • Reduce the risk of data silos across departments or divisions.
  • Highly secured and potent permission to manage IT assets across different entities.

Data Integration to a Jira Ticket

Smoother workflow by linking IT assets to Jira issues

  • Accurate association of IT assets with specific Jira issues.
  • Improved tracking of asset-related activities within Jira.
  • Better coordination in asset inventory management for Jira.
integrate with Jira issues
Import Jira Service Management data

Jira Service Management Migration

Import ‘Organizations’ in JSM to AssetIT with a fingertip

  • Streamlining asset inventory management for Jira by integrating organizational data.
  • Enhancing asset tracking and management within organizational contexts.
  • Providing a cohesive view of assets across different entities.

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