Asset Management Solutions for Jira

Discover AssetIT, an IT Asset Management (ITAM) solution for Jira. Effortlessly track hardware, software licenses, and consumables across organizations of all sizes. Streamline your asset management with ease and precision.

Dashboard in AssetIT
  • AssetIT is a user-friendly IT Asset Management Solution designed for Jira, ensuring simplicity and ease of use.
  • Eliminate the headaches caused by managing assets with spreadsheets or complex Change Management Databases (CMDB).
  • Streamline your asset management process with AssetIT, allowing you to focus on your core business operations without unnecessary complications.

Asset Inventory Management

AssetIT offers a versatile asset management solution with:

  • Asset Categories, Asset Models, Location for organized tracking.
  • Inventory Management Workflow, Asset Check-in/Checkout for streamlined processes.
  • Software License Tracking, Accessories, and Consumables Custom Fields for tailored data management.
Report Builder
  • AssetIT offers various reporting formats to provide insights into all IT assets, including hardware, software, and cloud resources.
  • The report builder allows for customizable reports, enabling you to tune the data to your specific needs.
  • Export reports to Excel, CSV, and PDF formats for easy sharing and collaboration with stakeholders.


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