Asset Management for Jira

AssetIT is an IT Asset Management (ITAM) tool for Jira, designed by DevSamurai – Atlassian Platinum Marketplace Partner. It is made for organizations of all sizes to track physical (hardware) assets, software assets (licensing), and consumables.

AssetIT - asset management for Jira

AssetIT is designed for all IT teams using Jira

dashboard - IT Asset Management (ITAM)

IT Asset Management (ITAM)

  • A simplified IT Asset Management solution integrated with Jira.
  • Takes the complexity out of asset management.
  • No more headaches with Spreadsheets or complex Change Management Database (CMDB).

Asset Inventory Management

Asset Categories, Asset Models, Location

  • Categorize assets by model and location for easy reference.
  • Manage assets efficiently with a check-in/check-out system.
  • Track software licenses, accessories, and consumables.
  • Customize fields and field sets to fit your specific needs.
Asset Inventory Management
Custom reports

Custom reports

  • Gain insights into all IT assets through various reporting styles.
  • Customize data selection to meet specific needs.
  • Report builder to tune the exact data you need Export to Excel, CSV and PDF.

Asset Booking System

Asset Booking, Reservations, Loans

  • Allows for the simple booking of specified assets.
  • Enables the tracking and control of all asset reservations.
  • Allows users to manage their own asset bookings.
  • Displays an overview of all assets that have been checked out.
Asset Booking System?
AssetIT Certified in SOC 2 Compliance

SOC 2 Compliance

  • Data Security: AssetIT’s SOC 2 compliance ensures top-level data protection.
  • Reliability: Ongoing commitment to process improvement for consistent service.
  • Trust: SOC 2 criteria adherence strengthens our credibility in asset management.

AssetIT Features

chart icon

Asset categories and models to group common features

more details icon

Asset details, assigned to whom, and their physical location

custom features icon

Custom fields for additional asset attributes

QR code icon

QR codes generation

workflow icon

Inventory management, assets life cycle and workflow

broken link icon

Link assets with Jira issue


Number of users
Monthly per user
Up to 10 (Flat free) Free
11-100 USD 2.00
101-250 USD 1.25
251-1000 USD 0.75
1000~2500 USD 0.50
2501~7500 USD 0.30
7501~10000 USD 0.20
10001~20000 USD 0.10
20001+ USD 0.05

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