Number of Users
Monthly Pricing per User
Up to 10 (Flat free) Free
11-100 USD 2.00
101-250 USD 1.25
251-1000 USD 0.75
1000~2500 USD 0.50
2501~7500 USD 0.30
7501~10000 USD 0.20
10001~20000 USD 0.10
20001+ USD 0.05

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AssetIT Features

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Asset grouping based on common features to simplify asset management and facilitate decision-making.

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Asset details, along with information about their assigned user and physical location form the core features.

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Custom fields offer the flexibility to include additional asset attributes beyond the standard ones.

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QR code generation to streamline asset tracking, and enhance the asset management process.

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Easily track assets, manage inventory, and optimize workflows to smooth operations and maximize asset utilization.

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AssetIT allows seamless integration with Jira, enabling users to link assets with Jira issues effortlessly.

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