Top 3 IT Asset Management Apps

AssetIT in Jira - top 3 IT asset management apps

IT asset management apps are crucial for any business looking to maximize the value of its IT assets, gain insights into its technology and its usage, make strategic financial decisions, and meet compliance regulations. Yet, in order to accomplish all this, you must choose an efficient IT asset management tool. 

ūüĎČ Learn what IT asset management is.

There are many IT asset management apps on the market. However, they do not all offer the same features or functions. While having this type of software is important, having one that works for your company is critical. Follow along to learn how the top 3 IT asset management apps compare and which is ideal for you and your team.


Price: Opt for Self-Hosted for Free Access or Choose Hosted for 39.99$/Month Fee 

SnipeIT is one of an open-source IT asset management apps for small to medium-sized businesses. One of the benefits of open-source software is that your company can manipulate the code to fit your specific needs, upgrade certain aspects of the tool, or integrate it with other programs. Since it is a web-based application, security is also taken very seriously. Accordingly, users can feel confident using the application safely. 

That said, SnipeIT already has most of the elements your company could need in management software. You can record and track IT assets, accessories, licenses, and consumables. You can also organize, group, and follow any assets according to specific data such as location or status. If you would rather check on a specific item, simply search for a certain code or scan a QR code. Further, certain elements such as expiring licenses will be brought to your attention via an alert notification. 

SnipeIT is an excellent choice if you are looking for a simple system that can do it all. Inventory management, asset tracking, cost tracking, and reporting are all in one convenient place. However, it may have a few downsides, as reported by current users, including:

  • Many aspects and interfaces are not novice-friendly, meaning you will need a dedicated, knowledgeable team to set up, integrate, or host.¬†
  • Open-source software often has bugs, although SnipeITs developers stay on top of them with weekly updates and patches.
  • Some elements are developed while others need work, which may not allow for a streamlined workflow.


Price: Reftab offers many different plans starting with a Free Plan for small businesses with less than 50 assets. After that, it is 30.00$/Month for the Standard, $60.00/Month for the Pro, and $120.00/Month for the Business. Prices will increase if you have more than 500 Assets. 

Reftab is a top-tier IT asset management and maintenance tool. It has numerous features that cement that status, including asset inventory and tracking (including licenses and consumables), asset codes, maintenance and repair management, user requests portal, custom reporting, and role-based access controls. 

One of the great things about this software is that it is easily accessible. Users can track assets, retrieve information, or update data through the web-based software or Cloud. Additionally, it can be used with many different operating systems (Mac, Windows, Linux) and devices (Desktop, Laptop, Mobiles). Since this is the case, it is very adaptable to the changing environments of certain businesses.

While Reftab may be a good choice for medium to large businesses, given the value for cost, smaller businesses may have trouble justifying the price. They can use the program for free if they have less than 50 assets. However, the difference between 50 and 500 assets is astronomical. Small to medium-sized businesses may like to find a free alternative that offers similar, excellent features. 

Furthermore, many users may find Reftab overly complex for their needs. Many businesses prefer to have a straightforward system that includes essential elements facilitates easy navigation, and provides quick retrieval and report generation. 

AssetIT – Asset Management Plugin for Jira

Price: Free

AssetIT is a free asset management plugin allowing businesses to record, track, manage, control, and report on their assets. While many IT asset management programs try to pull out all the bells and whistles, overcomplicating workflows rather than simplifying them, AssetIT makes inventory and management easy. Users can also enjoy customization in all crucial areas, ensuring businesses have a tool that works for them rather than a tool they need to adapt to. 

Notably, AssetIT offers an organized, simplified inventory. Departments can create or import assets, filling out all important categories and other product information. They can also take advantage of further, separate tabs for licenses, accessories, and consumables. In this way, all companies have a single source of truth for all their assets. They can also benefit from barcodes and QR codes just like the most advanced IT asset software on the market. Of course, users will be able to scan, look up, or generate reports on particular assets or all assets. Accordingly, they will be able to view up-to-date information at any time. 

Additionally, AssetIT will soon fill a gap in most IT asset management plugin. Many programs neglect the fact some companies see their hardware and accessories change hands many times. Whether they are loaning out projectors for projects, providing short-term mobiles to partners, or offering replacements for devices being repaired, these changes in asset inventory need to be recorded for accurate usage records and tracking. Furthermore, efficient tracking of these assets allows individuals or teams to book assets in advance. Accordingly, AssetIT will soon release a new feature: asset booking. 

On top of its attention to detail, AssetIT also has one more thing on its side. It is entirely free. Most providers have a free version of their applications or software up until a specific limit of assets, users, or features. However, AssetIT remains accessible no matter how small or large your company is and which features you wish to take advantage of. 

AssetIT offers up one of those rare instances where you can have your cake and eat it too! We encourage you to try it out for yourself and see how it can benefit your company. Get it today for Jira! 


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