Asset Management for Jira in the IT Industry | AssetIT Use Case

Asset Management for Jira in the IT Industry

In the fast-paced world of IT, managing software and hardware assets effectively can be a daunting task. Many organizations face obstacles that hinder their ability to make the most of their assets, stay compliant, and ensure security. Luckily, there’s a solution: AssetIT – A solution of asset management for Jira.

Challenges in Asset Management for Jira

Asset Visibility Issues

One of the top challenges is not having a clear view of all your software and hardware assets. Often, organizations rely on different systems or even just spreadsheets, resulting in incomplete and outdated asset lists.

Software License Compliance

Staying on the right side of software licensing agreements is a constant worry. Organizations must track licenses, software versions, and usage across their infrastructure to avoid expensive fines.

Maximizing Asset Use

Balancing how Jira assets are used can be tough. Some may be used too little, leading to wasted resources, while others are overused, causing problems and reducing productivity.

Security Risks

Incomplete Jira asset management creates security vulnerabilities. Organizations might not know about outdated software or unpatched hardware, leaving them exposed to potential threats.

Asset Retirement Complexity

Getting rid of Jira assets at the end of their useful life can be complicated. This often leads to old or unused Atlassian assets piling up, making asset management for Jira even more challenging.

How AssetIT can help?

AssetIT offers a solution to these challenges while delivering substantial benefits:

How AssetIT can help organizations get through the challenges

Improved Visibility

AssetIT provides a central hub for seeing all your software and hardware assets. It helps you maintain an up-to-date inventory, so you always know what you have.

License Compliance

With software license tracking, AssetIT ensures you stay compliant with licensing agreements. This reduces the risk of costly fines.

Optimized Asset Use

AssetIT helps you make the most of your Jira assets, preventing both underuse and overuse, which ultimately saves you money.

Enhanced Security in Asset Management for Jira

By keeping track of assets, AssetIT helps you identify and address security gaps. It ensures your software and hardware are up-to-date and secure.

Efficient Asset Retirement

AssetIT streamlines the process of retiring assets, preventing the buildup of outdated equipment and simplifying end-of-life procedures.

Resource Allocation

With AssetIT, you can allocate resources efficiently, deploying assets where they’re needed most.

 Reduced Support Burden

AssetIT simplifies asset verification through QR codes and scans. This means less manual work and fewer support requests.

Accurate Records

The system maintains precise asset records, reducing errors during audits and helping you stay compliant with licensing agreements.

Use Case:

Optimizing IT Asset Management for Jira in the IT Industry with AssetIT

TopWay Software Solutions Inc., a leading player in the software development industry, faced a significant challenge common among IT companies: efficiently managing a diverse range of software and hardware assets. With a portfolio spanning multiple industries and a dynamic project landscape, TopWay needed a robust solution to overcome these challenges and maintain their competitive edge. This use case explores how AssetIT revolutionized their IT asset management for Jira’s practices.

TopWay Software Solutions Inc. encountered several intricate challenges in their IT asset management. However, one particularly troublesome issue was the lack of visibility. To better understand these challenges, let’s break them down and see how AssetIT can effortlessly address them.

Diverse Asset Inventory

Challenge: TopWay faces the uphill task of managing a diverse inventory of both software and hardware assets. This extensive range spans development tools, operating systems, database systems, and more on the software front, while hardware includes servers, workstations, networking equipment, and storage devices. Ensuring each asset type is efficiently managed and utilized, along with avoiding overlapped purchases, poses a significant challenge.

AssetIT’s Resolution: With a centralized platform, AssetIT helps TopWay efficiently catalog and track their extensive range of software and hardware assets, for example, in this case, the USB Cables. We can never know how many USB Cables an IT company will require because it varies depending on factors such as employee count, device type, and cable longevity. That’s why manual IT asset management won’t work. But AssetIT got TopWay’s back. It records every piece of information needed, sorts the devices’ data by Asset Tags, or their Serial Number, and offers an advanced filter to make sure the admin can easily look for their preferences.

Diverse Asset Inventory Management in AssetIT
AssetIT maintains a comprehensive record of all IT asset-related details to prevent mix confusion
advanced filters
Advanced filters provided for effective data analysis

Staying Compliant and Smart Spending

Challenge: With various software licenses, development frameworks, and tools in play, ensuring compliance becomes a puzzle. Tracking software licenses, adherence to licensing agreements, and managing software versions to avoid compliance pitfalls are ongoing concerns. On top of that, the significant number of licenses in TopWay’s software ecosystem sparks a challenge in managing licenses cost-effectively, preventing overspending, and ensuring that every license is put to good use.

AssetIT’s Resolution: AssetIT enables TopWay to monitor and manage software licenses comprehensively. Apart from custom fields for meticulous data-taking, the system sends alerts for impending license expirations, helping TopWay avoid compliance issues and optimize licensing costs. AssetIT also gives users the ability to set the license expiration alert threshold to suit their preferences.

in-app notification about expiring license
In-app notifications
email notification
Email notification about an expiring license

Maximizing Asset Use

Challenge: Getting the most out of every asset without overloading or underusing it is a constant balancing act. TopWay wants to make sure every piece of hardware and software is used to its full potential.

AssetIT’s Resolution: When onboarding new assets, AssetIT streamlines the process, allowing TopWay to allocate Jira assets to specific teams or projects for optimal utilization. AssetIT, which is seamlessly integrated with Jira, provides an effortless connection between project management and asset onboarding/offboarding. TopWay allows you to easily assign assets to others directly within a Jira issue, or you can select asset types to link them to a Jira task. For offboarding, TopWay can efficiently retire assets, preventing underutilization. Most significantly, AssetIT allows users to automatically check in all resources from deactivated Jira accounts. (Learn more at AssetIT’s Update: Release Jira Cloud Version 1.3.6-AC | Asset Management for Jira | New Features)

 assign an asset in a Jira issue
Assign an asset in a Jira issue

Data Accuracy

Challenge: Mistakes in asset tracking can result in data discrepancies. This can be a headache during audits and financial reporting, so maintaining data accuracy is a priority.

AssetIT’s Resolution: AssetIT helps TopWay maintain data accuracy within the Jira asset management system, ensuring that asset tracking inaccuracies do not lead to data discrepancies during audits and financial statements. What’s more, the reporting system in AssetIT contributes significantly to the flexibility of creating, customizing, and generating reports that align with their unique requirements. This empowers TopWay to make data-driven decisions, enabling them to optimize asset utilization and allocate resources efficiently. At the same time, TopWay can cut back on wasteful spending and manage their budgets more skillfully.

Watch how Report Builder in AssetIT works:

Resource Allocation

Challenge: Balancing resources across different projects and teams isn’t easy. TopWay strives to allocate assets based on real-time needs and budgets.

AssetIT’s Resolution: AssetIT facilitates resource allocation by allowing TopWay to manage asset reservations, loans, and bookings efficiently. Not only can users reserve the assets they want, but administrators can also check in and check out the assets as per requests or duties. This prevents resource conflicts and promotes efficient asset management for Jira’s utilization. Ahead of the game, AssetIT offers Pre-defined Kits, which reduce the manual workload and increase the effectiveness of the distribution of resources. 

Booking form for users
Asset booking form for users
Checkin button for admin to approve bookings
Checkin button for admin to approve bookings

How to create a kit?

Support Overload – Asset Management for Jira in IT industry

Challenge: The lack of asset visibility can lead to an avalanche of support requests. Managing these requests efficiently is essential to keep the IT support team focused on important tasks.

AssetIT’s Resolution: AssetIT simplifies asset verification, enabling employees to use their smartphones for QR codes. As a result, fewer support requests are made and less manual tracking is done. Besides, it is simpler to identify, track, and verify assets when users generate the QR codes in bulk, which facilitates the efficient management of a large number of assets.


AssetIT is considered the key to unlocking efficiency in IT asset management for Jira. By aligning with AssetIT, TopWay Software Solutions Inc. can effortlessly resolve their challenges with the utmost effectiveness. In the end, Jira asset management is more than just keeping track of your IT assets; it is also about selecting the right tool to help you remain competitive in the rapidly changing IT industry while maintaining the highest standards of security and compliance. Invest in AssetIT today and revolutionize your Jira asset management practices.

**Disclaimer: The following use case is presented for illustrative purposes only and does not represent any real company. Any resemblance to actual companies, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The company mentioned, TopWay Software Solutions Inc., is a fictional entity created for the purpose of this use case.**

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