Reporting in AssetIT plays a crucial role in helping organizations make informed decisions, track asset performance, ensure compliance, and optimize resource allocation
Custom Reports

AssetIT empowers you to create bespoke reports tailored to your specific needs in reporting for asset management

  • Allows you to gain deep insights into asset performance, usage, and status.
  • Supports strategic decision-making and planning by presenting critical information in a clear and customizable format.
  • Enhances communication of asset data insights, facilitating better collaboration and alignment among stakeholders.

Private and Public Reports

AssetIT gives you the flexibility to choose whether reports are public or private

  • Enhances data privacy and access control, allowing you to control who can view and interact with specific reports, ensuring data security.
  • Allows for the categorization of reports based on their sensitivity or intended audience, making it easier to manage and organize your reporting system.
  • Ensures that sensitive data is securely handled, as you can restrict access to confidential reports, safeguarding critical information.
Private and Public Reports
Flexible Report Design

Reporting for Asset Management

Select resources from Assets, Accessories, Licenses, Consumables, or Components and add conditions

  • Offers robust support for varied and flexible reporting for asset management needs
  • Allows for the creation of specific reports tailored to your unique requirements, ensuring that you can focus on the most relevant asset data for your analysis.
  • Enables the gathering of insights based on custom criteria, empowering you to define specific parameters and filters to obtain the precise information you need.

Report Execution

AssetIT allows you to run reports and instantly access the results, supporting quick decision-making

  • Facilitates instant access to report outcomes, providing real-time insights into your asset data after running the report.
  • Supports quick decision-making, as you can quickly review and analyze the report results to make informed choices for your asset management.
  • Allows you to export reports in CSV and PDF formats, making it easy to share and collaborate with stakeholders.
Report Execution


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