AssetIT to Launch as Commercial App in April 2023


AssetIT has been widely recognized for its ability to help businesses manage their assets more effectively. With its advanced features such as asset tracking, assets workflow , and reporting, AssetIT has helped businesses streamline their asset management processes and increase their operational efficiency.

To support the ongoing development and maintenance of the app, we have decided to introduce a commercial version of AssetIT. This will allow us to continue providing the high-quality services that our users have come to expect from us, while also expanding our capabilities and improving our overall user experience.

The commercial version of AssetIT will offer a variety of new features, performance improvements along with professional support from DevSamurai to meet the needs of different businesses.

New Features

Once the app is converted to a paid version, two new features will be rolled out: Custom Dashboard and Asset Booking. These features are designed to streamline asset management, making it easier for your team to manage assets efficiently.



AssetIT pricing plan

As part of our transition to a commercial app, we want to inform our users that the beta version will remain accessible to all users for a limited time and will be scheduled to be decommissioned in the future. We encourage our users to take advantage of our upgraded commercial version of AssetIT, which will include a range of new and improved features to better serve your needs. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Learn more about AssetIT pricing plan at Pricing

“We are thrilled to announce this change,” said James Luong, Product Owner of AssetIT. “Our goal is to offer businesses of all sizes an easy-to-use, reliable, and cost-effective asset management platform. By becoming a commercial app, we can offer even more value to our users.”

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