Asset Booking, Reservations and Loan

Asset Booking

Asset Booking

Reserve assets for a specific period for a loanee.

  • Prevents conflicts and overbooking
  • Improves management of shared resources
  • Notification alerts when assets are booked.

Reservation Management

Oversee all reservations within the application.

  • Provides a central location
  • Manage your own reservations.
  • Ability to approve, decline, or check out items
Reservation Management
Approval and Check-out

Approval and Check-out

Mark the reserved item as ‘approved’ and check it out to the loanee.

  • Ensures proper tracking
  • Record of loanee information.
  • Improves management of loaned assets

Reservation Decline

Free up reserved dates by marking the reservation as ‘declined’.

  • Freeing up declined reservations.
  • Ensures accurate tracking
  • Keeping the reservation calendar up-to-date.
Reservation Decline
Loans Page

Loans Page

Provides an overview of all assets that have been checked out.

  • Manage, search for, and check in loaned assets.
  • Overview of loaned assets.
  • Improves the return process


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