What’s New in AssetIT: Our Latest and Greatest Features

What's New in AssetIT Our Latest and Greatest Features - v1.3.9

Dear AssetIT’s Users,

We’re delighted to introduce a suite of powerful new features in AssetIT, designed with your diverse organizational needs in mind. These updates provide advanced solutions in this Jira asset management plugin across multiple entities, enhanced API integrations for administrators, and improved category management for all asset types. Here’s what you can look forward to:

Inventories: Tailored Asset Management Across Your Organization

Key Benefits of Inventories:

  • Entity-Specific Profiles: Create and manage assets for distinct entities within the same application. For instance, if your company has branches in Vietnam and Japan, manage these as separate inventories with ease.

Manage Inventories in AssetIT

  • Simplified Asset Allocation: Assign newly added or imported IT assets to the relevant entity, ensuring precise and organized asset management.

Simplified Asset Allocation

  • Increased Visibility and Efficiency: Quickly select an entity and view its specific assets, streamlining the way you track and manage your IT resources.

items in an inventory

Enhanced Jira Integration:

Link IT assets to Jira issues with pinpoint accuracy by specifying the entity, ensuring consistent and organized asset tracking across your projects.

Enhanced Jira Integration - new features

You can also seamlessly integrate your Organizations in Jira Service Management to AssetIT as inventories for flexible management: Inventory Setting.

Import Jira Service Management’s Organizations tutorial:

API Integration: Advanced Control for Administrators

Understanding the API Integration Feature:

  • Exclusive Admin Rights: Only administrators can create and manage API integrations, centralizing control over your AssetIT environment.
  • Controlled Access: API integrations are accessible to users with granted permissions, safeguarding your data integrity.
  • Operate Directly via API: Execute key activities like creating, updating, and deleting assets through the API documentation, bypassing the need for app interface interaction.

How to Access API Integration:

Navigate to ‘Preferences’ and select the ‘API Integration’ tab to manage and deploy your API integrations, offering a bespoke asset management workflow.

How to Access API Integration feature in AssetIT

Refined “Category” Management: Intuitive Sorting and Filtering

  • Extended Category Access: The ‘Category’ section is now available across all asset types, enhancing your user experience.

Extended Category Access

  • Granular Sorting and Filtering: Apply ‘Category’ sorting and filtering to Assets, Accessories, Components, and Consumables as well for efficient asset location and management.

Granular Sorting and Filtering features of Category

Last Words

We’re committed to evolving with your needs, striving to offer an asset management platform that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. These new features in AssetIT, a Jira asset management plugin, reflect our dedication to delivering a product. Therefore, we can enhance your efficiency and control. Try them out and see how they can transform your asset management strategy.

If you have any questions or recommendations about new features, please drop them here at our Service Desk. For more information, you can try AssetIT on Sandbox or install it for free at Atlassian Marketplace.

Best regards,

The AssetIT Team

Learn more about AssetIT at AssetIT Use Case.

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