QR Code and Asset Scan

QR code generation in AssetIT can simplify and enhance various aspects of asset tracking and management.
QR Code Generation

Asset Management with QR Generation

AssetIT enables the generation of QR codes for each asset

  • Speeds up the asset management process by quickly accessing asset information through QR code scanning.
  • Error free in data entry, ensuring accurate and reliable asset tracking.
  • Facilitates swift asset tracking, enabling efficient location and status updates for streamlined asset management.

Asset Scan

Quickly retrieve asset information.

  • Immediate access to asset details by simply scanning QR codes.
  • Reduced time spent on searching for asset information, leading to increased productivity.
  • Support for timely decision-making, as asset data is readily available, aiding in efficient planning and resource allocation.
Asset Scan
Bulk QR Code Generation

Bulk QR Code Generation

AssetIT facilitates QR code generation for multiple assets simultaneously

  • QR code generation for large inventories, enabling efficient handling of numerous assets.
  • Significant time savings and increased operational efficiency when generating QR codes in bulk.
  • Ensures uniformity and consistency in the QR codes, maintaining a standardized approach to asset identification and tracking.

Bulk QR Code Printing

AssetIT allows you to print multiple QR codes at once for efficient asset labeling

  • Reduces the time spent on labeling assets, as you can print multiple QR codes simultaneously.
  • Enables quick and easy labeling of new assets, streamlining the asset onboarding process.
  • Facilitates easy scanning and tracking of assets, enhancing overall asset management efficiency.
Bulk QR Code Printing


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